Dr. Teodoro Meyer, Professer of Botany and Plant Geography of the National Unoiversity of Tucuman in Argentina

Dr, Meyer states Pau D’Arco is “analgesic, sedative, decongestant, diuretic, and hypotensive”. Such properties have justified its use for many different ailments.


Dr. Jeffrey Andersen, M.D., a Mill Valley, California health practitioner


Had treated a woman with a difficult yeast infection. “Two hours after using the tea as a douche the vaginal yeast infection was cleared up nicely,” he says. Dr. Anderson’s patients now begin drinking Pau D’Arco tea-1/2 to 1 cup tea per day, increasing to a maintenance dose of 4 cups per day in approximately 1 month.


Phyllis Saifer, M.D., a clinical ecologist from Berkeley


reports good results from members of the Environmental Illness Association who are now using Pau D’Arco. Two members who previously experienced incapacitating cerebral symptoms now claim to be in good health with few or no remaining symptoms. One of the victims had been taking 16 Nystatin pills (an anti-yeast medication) daily. She now takes one every 7 days.


Dr. Walter Accorsi, doing clinical studies at the Municipal Hospital Santo Andre


“From my first experiments with Pau D’Arco, I learned two important things that greatly encouraged me in regard to cancer: first it eliminates the pain and second, it multiplies the amount of red corpuscles.”


The America Cancer Institute


The America Cancer Institute has this report in “Cancer Chemotherapy Reports” Part 2, Vol. 4, No. 4, Dec. 1974:”More recently Pau D’Arco contains Quechua, a substance found to be a powerful antibiotic with virus-killing properties.”


Dr. Norman Farnsworth of the University of Illinois


confirms the claims that Pau D’ Arco contains a substance that is highly effective against cancers. While many herbs are credited with properties that stop cell growth, Pau d’Arco contains compounds which seem to attack the cause of the disease.

Dr. James Duke of the National Institute of Health (NIH)


agrees that Pau D’Arco undoubtedly contains a substance found to be highly effective against cancers.


John Heinerman, a medical anthropologist who specializes in the study of herbal medicines,


“It sounds too good to be true, but it seems to have earned for itself considerable merit in the successful treatment of most forms of cancer, diabetes, and certain other debilitating diseases…”

R.C. Pilsner, D.Sc. and licensed nutrition specialist


“Being a biochemist, I have researched and analyzed many elements for their nutrient value and their peculiar selective actions on…organs and tissues.” Pilsner has discovered that certain herbs emit an ultraviolet wave known as Gurwich rays. These rays stimulate cell metabolism and the body’s own ability to rejuvenate itself. He believes that herbs emitting the Gerwich rays include Pau D’Arco. Pilsner has subjected Pau D’Arco to rigorous laborotory tests and recommends daily use of Pau D’Arco tea as a nutritional supplement.

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